3 Chimney Problems That Should Fixed Right Away – Chimney Restoration Chicago, IL

We are all aware that when the winter season arrives in the Windy City, the main thing we have to do to keep the atmosphere at home as warm and pleasant as possible is to light our chimneys. However, if we do not give our chimneys the respective maintenance of masonry and tuckpointing in the warm months, that experience can turn into a winter hell. Therefore, here is a guide to the most frequent problems that you may encounter with your fireplace and that should be solved in a timely manner:

1. Collection Spots
If you notice that your fireplace is collecting water and debris progressively, it can be two things. The first reason may be due to the position of the chimney in a descending (but crucial) part of the roof slope, especially if it is close to the eaves than to the ridge; while the second may be due to the fact that the chimney itself is too wide.
In either case, the situation can be solved by installing a chimney cricket. If not installed, the fireplace could have leakages due to pooling water to the point of making the masonry restoration in Chicago option impossible.

2. Improper Installation of Flashing
This piece, which is made up of two separate metal strips, is crucial for the waterproofing of the chimney – as well as its roof junction- and must be inspected from time to time to see if it is correctly overlapped with the shingles. The same is said in the downhill part of the chimney, where the flashing must be on top of said shingles.
However on the uphill side, the metal must be tucked under the shingles. If this is not set up properly, gravity will force water into the chimney’s stoneworks, causing leaks.

3. Chimney Cracks or Dents
If the brickworks of the chimney and the flashing of the same show any evidence of cracks or denting, it is advisable to carry out a masonry repair as soon as possible, since if it is not treated, water could enter the chimney to the point of compromising its structural integrity and require an expensive chimney restoration in Chicago.

These three signs will help you identify when a chimney requires a respective conditioning service and although one can check them on their own – either with a pair of binoculars or with a hi-res camera-, it is recommended that you request the services from masonry contractors for more thorough evaluations and repairs. If you wish to request our services, you can contact our tuckpointing and masonry contractors in Chicago.

Advantages of working with professional masonry company Chicago

Working with professional masonry contractors in the Chicago area for your home improvement comes with a lot of benefits. The process of choosing the right and reliable contractors can be a daunting task. Here are some of the advantages that you can have when you hire a professional masonry company to make sure that your brickwork is in its best shape.

When you work with professional masonry contractors, they can provide expertise. There may come a time where you will encounter issues such as minor crumbling stone that could actually be dangerous for your foundation, and these types of masonry repairs can be extremely risky when it’s not done right. With professional contractors, they have vast knowledge and skills to work on your brickworks properly.

Aside from the expertise that professional contractors can provide, they can also provide efficiency. This will help you save time and money during your masonry restoration or masonry repair projects. If you take on the project yourself, it can take time, and some things may go array. Professionals will also get the job done faster and will save you money on supplies or potential damages.

Another advantage that you can get from working with masonry professionals is that they are licensed and insured. Rules are applied in all the states that masonry companies should be licensed and insured. It is the state’s responsibility to oversee masonry contractors to make sure that they follow the rules and regulations properly. When you know a company is licensed and insured, it can provide you peace of mind. If anything goes wrong or damages are incurred during your project, the masonry company will be responsible for any damages.

When it comes to your masonry contractors in Chicago, we are the ones that you count on and trust to get the job done right. We only use the highest quality of materials that will make sure to provide you with outstanding results. When you have masonry restoration done, we will ensure that your brickworks will look good as new. What are you waiting for? Give our company a call today!

Questions you should ask your masonry contractors in Chicago

Whether you are getting masonry restoration in Chicago or just some tuckpointing on your Chicago structure, there are some key elements you should know about your masonry, and masonry contractors in Chicago know them all by heart. But just in case you are unaware what to ask, just for your own piece of mind, we will let you in on the best ones to ask.

1.How much experience do you have?

The best indicators are years serving the masonry needs of Chicago, and how many jobs they have accomplished with high marks. Must because the number is low doesn’t make it a bad thing, but if you are leary, a more experienced contractor is still the better option. Although, you are paying for that experience, so be prepared.

2. Do you have all the proper licensing, and are you bonded and insured?

To ensure your masonry contractors have the proper training and certifications, checking their licensing, bonding and insurance is a good way to know if they took the time to get fielded by the appropriate offices. And the added bonus of having insurance protects you, the client, as well was their own people.

3. What styles can I choose from?

General bricklaying experience isn’t enough. If they can’t offer other styles for different facades, your building will look just like every other building. You don’t want that. So checking on their style possibilities lets you know that they have the versatility to go above and beyond for their customers or clients.

4. What will the schedule be?

Having an eye on an accurate timeframe will let you know when your building will begin and when it will be complete. The efficiency of the mason will be proportionate to their experience, but also the dedicated crew that is assigned to your build.

5. Do you have references?

Chat with previous clients. This is the best way to get the inside scoop on the work that was done, the decorum and professionalism of the builders, and any dirt that might have come up that could be a red flag.