Tuckpointing Chicago

If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy tuckpointing contractors in Chicago, we are the ones that you can count on. We have years of experience in providing tuckpointing services to customers throughout the Chicago area. Our contractors are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to ensure that we give the best outcome to customers. When hiring our contractors, you do not need to worry about anything because we are licensed and bonded. We only use the highest quality of materials and tools to ensure that you get the best out of your money. Our tuckpointing Chicago company offers competitive prices so that you would not burn a hole in your wallet. Pick up the phone and contact us now!

wall needing repointing brick

Tuckpointing Chicago, IL - Benefits

nice house with a brick walls after tuckpointing

There are certainly great benefits to your chimney having tuckpointing in Chicago when your mortar has deteriorated, including:

  1. Your tuckpointing contractors in Chicago can stop corrosion.
  2. As mortar breaks down, moisture can enter through your chimney causing your stone or brick masonry to fall apart. But tuckpointing in Chicago is designed to extend the life of your chimney with a fully waterproof mortar joint solution.
  3. Tuckpointing contractors in Chicago can strengthen the structural stability of your chimney. The alternative is a complete chimney rebuild, which is much more costly.
  4. You save money with tuckpointing in Chicago instead of rebuilding.
  5. Tuckpointing defends against moisture that can damage the chimney and cause other problems like mildew, mold, wood rot, and structural problems.
  6. You can have a fresh new look for your chimney with the help of tuckpointing contractors in Chicago, restoring its original beauty.
  7. A chimney that’s in good shape adds value to your home.