Imagine a private wine cellar!

Instead of keeping your wine bottles stacked on the counter, cabinets or in the fridge invest in a proper wine storage like a true wine enthusiast. Wine requires proper storage, and your basement is the perfect cut not only to store but to display your wine collection. There are many aspects we look at when building a wine cellar, the walls and the racks have to be natural, zero-VOC paint, that is why a stone or brick are the perfect natural choices. Choose Solid Masonry Experts for your private wine cellar project, we will ensure your wine collection will be on display in style.

Modern or Classic

Stone is timeless, so whether you'd like a modern or a more classic Italian look we will design the perfect wine cellar for you.

new wine cellars in a house

brocl wome cellar in a house

newly installed cabinet storage with a wine cabinet